When you want your audience to be engaged, entertained and enlightened:

The stakes are high. Hiring a speaker for your event is a challenge. So many options.

Inspiring? Sure. Motivational? Definitely. But what happens when your audience go back to work? It’s not enough to have someone with a standard inspiring story with tired positive quotes. You want someone with Insight. Someone who provokes your audience to think. Someone who engages, entertains and enlightens.

There are thousands of speakers out there. Many of them are good. Most of them are motivational. Your audience will leaved pleased and inspired. The problem is... that will be it.

Owen Fitzpatrick has always been obsessed with one thing... INSIGHT. A new way of looking at yourself and others that changes things and leaves you far better than it found you.

In his spellbinding speeches on a variety of topics from neuroscience to influence, storytelling to high performance, Owen educates, inspires, entertains, provokes and engages his audience while delivering insight after insight along with practical strategies to immediately apply. Because when we see how we work, we can live, act and be better.


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The reason why Owen is so great at our events isn't just because of his content and great Irish accent. It's actually because he has the ability to weave the narrative of our organizational mission into the content that he presents.

Aurimas Adomavicius - President - Devbridge