23 Things world class achievers do

Over the past twenty years, I’ve been lucky enough to travel to more than 85 countries, speak on stage with Sir Richard Branson and Seth Godin, do personal change work with thousands of people including Billionaires, Olympic Athletes and Celebrities. While helping them make the specific adjustments they needed in different areas of their life, I also got to learn a massive amount about what they do that separates them from everybody else.

Indeed, as I applied what I learned from them to my own life, it made a huge difference to me too.  Since we are just beginning this new year, I thought it was as good a time as any to reveal what I’ve learned over the years. So, here is a list of 23 things that the most successful people I’ve ever come across, do. There are patterns to success. These are some of them.

  1. World Class Achievers focus on what they want to achieve. They think goal first… then they will look at the challenge or problem. Problems aren’t as big when your focus is on where you are going!
  2. They are honest about how things are. They don’t pretend times are good when they are not. It is this honesty that allows them to see the reality so that they can change it. It also allows them to feel any negative feelings required to act as a motivation to change.
  3. They do what they have decided to do. They don’t work out because they feel like it. They do it because they decided it was best for them, regardless of how they feel.
  4. They look for ways that their weakness can be used as a strength. This creative way of thinking helps them turn problems around.
  5. They communicate their ideas clearly and with massive certainty.
  6. They take huge action toward achieving what they want to achieve. Huge action involves doing something in the world that instantly makes an impact and starts the process of achievement.
  7. They seek to collaborate and synergise with others who have different skill sets to them. They know what they are good at. They know what they lack. And they work to make sure that they are complemented by those they surround themselves with.
  8. They value prioritising as an essential skill. They understand that what you say YES and NO to, will determine how successful you will become.
  9. Relationships are the most important thing to them in their life. They are driven to do what they do by a love of people in their lives and love spending time with them.
  10. They seek out opportunities and know how to take them when they come along. This makes them luckier in general.
  11. They ask other people questions and are curious about how other people think and are impacted. They continuously learn as much as they can about how the mind works so they can communicate better with others and make more of a difference.
  12. They pay attention to their environment and are 100% in the moment when they communicate with others.
  13. They know how to influence others, have mastered charisma and understand the keys to helping people change their mind.
  14. They set incredibly high standards for themselves and they work ridiculously hard to achieve them.
  15. They know how to inspire others with their big dreams and have the ability to articulate them in an engaging way.
  16. They are resilient and see failure as a necessary experience to help them learn and grow.
  17. They are extremely flexible and creative in how they deal with problems and people. They are always looking for the different ways to succeed and overcome challenges.
  18. They prepare diligently and carefully and do all the research they need to do.
  19. They exercise regularly, eat healthy and take care of their bodies.
  20. They check in with their life plan and how they are getting on often. They have a regular life and business audit that they do to keep them paying attention to the important stuff.
  21. They change toxic relationships and work at building the kind of world around them that they want.
  22. They are driven by making a difference and doing something nobody has ever done before.
  23. They are extraordinarily disciplined and motivated. There is no end goal… they are just aiming to continuously improve, consistently. They are willing to put in the time and energy to do so.

Of course, these are just some of the things that I have found the most successful people I have ever met, tend to do. Hope you find this useful. If you did, why not get a free video from me on the 7 Principles of a Game Changing Attitude as well as being the first to get access to more complimentary stuff as I release it by signing up here. 


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