World Class Training in Critical Skills for today’s marketplace

Owen believes if they are not listening, he’s wasting his time.

Have you ever tried to listen to someone when you were focusing on something else?

What they said didn’t stick.

Sadly, this is how training often happens. The content is critical but their minds are elsewhere.

Training without engagement is noise.

That is why Owen puts such importance on building and delivering the most engaging trainings live and virtually.


We live in a new world. As such, we need new skills to help us thrive. These sessions provide such skills.

Working Remotely

Working from home requires self motivation, discipline and organization. In this session, Owen reveals the best practices that you need to know to ensure that you perform at your best remotely.

Working Productively

It can be easy to find yourself slipping in terms of productivity when working remotely. In this session, Owen explains how you can organize your workload effectively and maximize your productivity when working from home.

Conquering Adversity & Burnout

The challenges, uncertainty and change we face on a constant basis is leading to high rates of burnout and exhaustion. In this session, Owen explains how to develop immunity to adversity and keep your energy high despite what the world throws at you.

Remote Resilience

To survive and thrive in the world we find ourselves in, you need to become resilient and take disappointment and adversity in your stride. In this session, Owen explores the core elements of bouncing back when facing the challenges alone.

Back to Work

As we find ourselves moving back to some form of recognizable office work, that brings with it fear and stress of its own. Owen reveals the strategies that you need to apply to handle this as effectively as possible.

High performance comes from understanding yourself and learning what the most successful people do. In these sessions, Owen provides you the tools to uncover both.

    Business Etiquette

    When you operate in the office, there are acceptable and non-acceptable ways to do things. In this session, Owen explains the standard business etiquette for 2021. (virtually and in person)

    High Performing Skills

    The highest performers are successful because they combine confidence and competence. They master motivation and have a growth mindset. In this session, Owen unlocks the real secrets behind the highest level of performance and explains how you can be at your best more of the time.

    Habits of Excellence

    The most successful people tend to have a number of daily habits that make them stand out. In this session, Owen explains what these habits are and how you can start to build them into your own way of working.

    Critical Thinking

    One of the biggest problems we face in the world today is how we are influenced by so many sources over the course of a day. To think as effectively as possible, you need to master the art of critical thinking. In this session, Owen explores how to overcome biases, recognize non useful emotions and become a critical thinker so you can think things through effectively.

    Emotional Intelligence for Business

    To succeed in the current business environment, you need to be good with people and be good with managing yourself. In this session, Owen explains what Emotional Intelligence is and teaches you the core skills you need to improve your EQ at work.

    As we find ourselves communicating virtual on an everyday basis, the skills of getting your message across effectively online are extremely important. In these sessions, Owen teaches you how to master the virtual medium to become a powerful communicator.

    Virtual Communication

    There are plenty of opportunities for misunderstanding when you communicate virtually. In this session, Owen teaches you how to make sure that you are communicating your message as effectively and clearly as possible so that you make a real impact virtually.

    Virtual Presentations

    Presenting is hard enough without doing it virtually. In this session, Owen explains the best practices and skills you need to master virtual presentations. He explains the structure and strategies needed to win over a virtual audience.

    Virtual Collaborations

    Running meetings virtually and collaborating successfully are two key priorities of most businesses today. In this session, Owen breaks down exactly how to best run effective collaboration sessions and meetings virtually so you can make the most of technology.

    Networking Remotely

    Your ability to network plays a huge part in your overall business success. In this powerful session, Owen will explain exactly how to leverage virtual opportunities for networking and develop a strong set of work connections.

    Influence is the skillset that everyone in business badly needs if they are to be successful.

      Strategic Influence and Negotiation

      In everyday work, you will have to influence dozens of people from motivating your team to influencing up to selling to clients. In this session, Owen explains the core elements necessary to strategically influence and negotiate with others effectively. You will learn how to become more persuasive, motivate anyone and master the language of influence.

      Influential Presentations

      The best presenters are the presenters that do what they can to influence the audience. In this session, Owen goes much deeper than simple presentational best practices. Instead, he focuses on how to position yourself persuasively, become a more captivating speaker and structure your presentation in a way that gets buy-in.

      Pitching Ideas Persuasively

      So many people lose out because they have great ideas but can’t effectively communicate them to others. In this session, Owen will break down specifically how to pitch your ideas successfully to any audience.

      Consultative Selling

      Effective B2B sales is not about providing a good price or getting a single ‘Yes’, it is about the relationship you build with the client. In this powerful training, you will learn the four keys to consultative selling and how you can discover new ways to add value to your clients.

      Selling to Millennials

      Millennials represent a huge market in the business world today. In this session, Owen shines a light on some fascinating insights about how millennials think so you can learn how to best influence and persuade them.

      Possibly the most underrated of all business skills, storytelling is a game changer for anyone who wants to make more impact when they speak. These sessions can help you to tell better stories to win over others.

        Neuroscience of Storytelling and Influence

        The brain offers us an immense amount of value in the form of insights about how stories and influence strategies impact us. In this session, you will learn how to use neuroscience and psychology to persuade others through your stories and your words.

        Storytelling for Business

        Statistics are the go to approach for most business presenters when they are trying to get buy-in for a certain project. The science suggests that finding ways to storify your data makes you far more likely to be successful. In this session, Owen explains why stories work so well and reveals how they are structured so that you can use them to communicate your message effectively and get results.


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