The most beautiful things on Earth

One of the things that I did recently is I made a list of the most beautiful things on earth. Things I have experienced. Things I have lived. Things I have felt. It was a long list but writing it down made me feel really good and made me appreciate a lot more of life than I have been. Sometimes we can find ourselves so busy and our schedules so hectic that we do not always give ourselves time to appreciate.

Here are some of the things I wrote down. Take time and make your own list. I promise you will be glad you did.

  • Spending time with my beautiful goddaughters and their little sisters. Also my friends’ little children. Their smiles are the most beautiful things on this planet.
  • Watching Glasgow Celtic win a match in Europe. Singing with the rest of the fans in Parkhead stadium.
  • Being in love. Having your arms wrapped around the love of your life.
  • Sitting with friends beside a warm fire on a cold winter’s day.
  • My favourite meal at my favourite restaurant.
  • That special ice-cream with caramel sauce at the cinema.
  • The feeling after a nice hot shower after a really intense workout.
  • Spending time with my parents. My role models.
  • Arriving in a new country for the first time and meeting the people.
  • Sitting on the flight when you are about to go on holidays.
  • Finding myself on crazy adventures in the middle of nowhere far away from home.
  • Snuggled up in bed, under the sheets, realising that I can sleep in.
  • Create your own list!


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