We all face many challenges in our effort to build the kind of life we want. In order for you to successfully get results, you must understand how to handle such challenges effectively. The way to do this is to begin to see the beauty of challenge.

The beauty of challenge is in seeing that challenge offers us an opportunity, always. This opportunity enables us to be better, stronger or smarter. In order to overcome challenge, we must grow in some way. We must improve in some way. So every challenge that we are presented with in our lives or businesses is our chance to learn or develop ourselves. 

This can be hard to do sometimes of course which is a challenge in and of itself. But the trick is to begin by recognising that all stories require conflict for them to be interesting. All muscles require effort to grow. All great achievements are only great in proportion to the degree of challenge they presented. In a way, it is the degree to which you are tested and you struggle that determines how great you can be.

Our characters are cultivated not by what happens to us but how we respond to what happens to us. It is your ability to bounce back and rise to the challenge that determines how much you will fulfil your potential. So, start considering all of the things that are testing you right now as the very things that will make you so much better and happier than ever before. Maybe not right now… but soon.

Every mistake, every rejection, every failure, every problem… see them as beautiful because of the opportunity that they offer you. By doing this, you will find yourself with a wonderful opportunity to grow and become a better person.


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