Goodbyes and Hellos: New Beginnings and Adventures

One of my teachers in an acting class once said that every exit is an entrance and every entrance is an exit. This was extremely useful in helping us understand that there is an inner life of a character that you play that you need to be aware of. When you are doing a scene, you need to know where you are coming from and where you are going to as it will help you fully immerse yourself in the mind of the character. This got me thinking about life in general and the many hellos and goodbyes that we say every day. It got me thinking about new beginnings.

As a result of my traveling schedule I have met many people around the world. Some people I never see again, some I stay in touch with and remember fondly and some I see regularly. Over the years I have said many goodbyes. Of course, saying goodbye to someone you have known for a few days is different to someone you have known a few months. But goodbyes are never easy. Knowing that the person will more than likely not be in your life in the same way that they have been is tough to stomach especially when you have built up a fond connection.

If you are moving on from one period in your life to the next; if you are leaving a relationship or a job or a career or a college, school or university… what are some things to keep in mind that may help you to do so without too many tears?

Firstly, remember that every goodbye is also a hello. There is no way the new exciting opportunity could happen if you did not let go of what was already happening. You cannot have everything at the same time so sometimes you have to let go of what was so you can grasp what can be.

Secondly, remind yourself of the very best times you had with the people you met and experiences that you can savour as the fond memories that they are. These memories will stay with you and will last as stories that keep them living on for many years to come.

Next, recall the lessons you have learned from the experience and the mistakes you have made. Ask yourself how the experiences you have been through have made you the person that you are now.

Then, look forward to the exciting possibilities of the future and the unpredictability that lies ahead. One of the beautiful parts of life is the unexpected goodies waiting in store for us. 

Lastly, make a commitment to stay in touch with the people that you became closest to. We are so lucky to connect with the people that we connect with. When I think about my happiest moments, they are almost all related to the people I have met in my life, my loved ones, family and friends. Keeping a wonderful connection and friendship requires a commitment. It requires effort. To decide that you will stay connected no matter how far away you are.

Every goodbye is a hello. As you move on, remember that when people and experiences enter your heart they never leave. You will carry them with you for the rest of your life.


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