How to Create Captivating Content

How to Create Captivating Content

Nowadays, your ability to create captivating content is really down to how effectively you can offer your expertise in a way that engages your audience. The reality is that there is so much content out there, your ability to grab and keep attention will determine your success. 

In order to do that time and time again, you need to make sure that the content you create fulfils a number of conditions.

  • Valuable

First, does your content help them improve their life in some way? Can it make a positive impact on how they live? You have to understand the value you can offer them with the content you share.

  • Engaging

Next, is the content engaging? Do people want to keep consuming it? Is it addictive or at least do you use stories or other tools to get them to want to watch/listen or read more? Do you involve them in the content to make them feel a part of it?

  • Entertaining

Is the content entertaining? Does it make them laugh or cry or feel excited or emotionally impacted in some way? People will naturally engage with you more if you can effectively shift how they feel.

  • Inspiring

Does the content you create inspire people to live up to their best selves? Does it make them feel like they can do more than they thought was possible? Does it appeal to their highest possibilities and dreams?

  • Clear and Memorable

Is the content easy to understand and remember? The more complicated you make things, the less likely people will keep consuming what you have to say and the less likely they are to remember any of it. Make sure you keep things simple, clear and easy to remember. 

  • Polarizing

In the modern world, unfortunately, it seems that the vast majority of attention goes to the poles. It is strong views on a subject that tends to get many views. From this perspective, we need to find out what we believe about various topics and be clear about letting people know what we stand for and stand against.

  • Shareable

This means making it so that your content is easy to share. Does your content make people want to share it? People will typically share content when they feel it makes them look good or funny or smart or will help their friends or followers. If you can make them look good, that will really help.

If your content ticks most of these boxes, then your followers will find it compelling and you will find your brand improves as a result.


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