The most important quality of successful people

Successful people have a number of qualities which make them stand out from the crowd. From sporting world champions to billionaires and those who are the very best in any area, there is one quality which is not talked about that often yet is crucial to their success. It is commitment.

What I mean by commitment is the ability to focus 100% on what you are doing and prioritising so that you do it to the very best of your ability. Conor McGregor has described himself not as ‘talented’ but as being ‘obsessed’. He is obsessed with doing what he does as best as is possible. He is obsessed with being the best in the world. That is not to say that his natural talents do not play a part but it is his obsession that drives him to work as hard as he does. This work ethic comes from a complete and full commitment to his art form similar to any brilliant success story.

The reality is that the world is full of examples of half finished projects. We never hear about them because they are half finished. Many people are good at starting things but when the going gets tough they get distracted, bored or tired. Commitment means that when you decide to achieve something nothing will make you waver. It means that when you face the tough times or difficult situations, you continue to move through without a moments hesitation. It means you don’t even question it during such challenges but you continue on the road. You allow your discipline to see you through.

I like to think discipline is what happens when you act based upon what you know you need to do regardless of whether or not you feel like doing it as opposed to motivation which makes you feel like doing something. Sometimes it is important to motivate yourself. Often, however, discipline will get you through.

For example, it is raining outside and you don’t feel like going training… but you do anyway. You and your partner get into a big fight and you are angry but you find a way to get over it and make peace with them. The book you are writing comes to a standstill but you force yourself to stay at the laptop and keep working on it every single day. It is in moments like these that world champions are built and business successes are born. Hard work is critical if you want to win at most things in life. Commitment means that you become the kind of person who sticks to what they say they are going to do.

Many people start to do something but live in excuse land. They hide behind all of the things that could go wrong or all of the possibilities which might stifle their success. They use problems as reasons not to follow through or do something. They keep themselves protected which keeps them safe but it also keeps them mediocre.

Start becoming more aware of what you promise and commit to and make sure you become a person of your word. You will become a rare breed and the kind of person who other people look to and respond to because of what you stand for. Honour every commitment you make and you will start to realise the power of your own words. When you start doing this, you will find that you will become the kind of person who makes things happen. You will become successful because you make an impact through the sheer force of your will.

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