Zig Ziglar is a legendary motivational speaker, author and expert. This episode is on Zig’s work on Mindset and Motivation and Goal setting. Zig has reached and influenced an estimated 250 million people with his 33 books, innumerable videos and recordings, and many live presentations to auditoriums filled with tens of thousands. His best selling book, See You at the Top, has sold over 1,707,000 copies and is a mainstay for anyone desiring personal success.


Zig really believed in balanced success, character and integrity, family and faith. He was not a huge fan of religion, but a believer in the important relationships and values.


Twins father alcoholic –  explain failure and success

Want to not lose vs Want to Win

Positive Thinking will not let you do anything but it will let you do everything better than negative thinking

Power of the spoken word

Declaration of Independence, Lords of Prayer, songs

Good, Fair, Faith, Responsibility, Honour… avoid bad language or profanity

Negative labels and statements when we are kids

Responsible for yourself… change yourself

Norman Vincent Peale Book ‘The power of positive thinking’

Input determines Outlook determines output

Conscious of what goes into your mind

Stop lights when they are really Go lights


The importance of a glimmer of hope

Quotes a friend of his who said you have to ‘Start to be great not great to start’


P.R.I.D.E:  Personal Responsibility In Daily Endeavour

Blame other people for past…. get serious about doing something about our future and our lives

Only need a few resources what you do with it that matters

New Years resolution day a confession about what you aren’t doing. It can be step one

Do hardest thing first


Day before vacation or holiday you are more focused n energetic

Enthusiasm… blind enthusiasm no good but with a plan of action great

Discipline, persistence, Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) all useful

New age thinking positive thinking: anything possible not true

I know three things. There is a god. Ain’t me. Ain’t you either.

immigrants 5 times more likely to be successful

Oh Gosh amazing when they get to America.

Golden Rule

Racism and sexism impacted by golden rule:

“If you can just help enough other people get what they want, you can have anything you want”

When you change hearts you change lives.

Get people to like you… 7 seconds first impression.. how people treat you determines how you treat you.

The wrong goals

idolised boss most successful… overall life not really successful

Happy healthy secure friends peace of mind family

Precise records make you better.

Where you are in life because that is where you want to be OR because you’ve followed wrong direction

Get confused between attitude and self-image, self-image means how you view your own self, but attitude talks about how you approach the rest of the world.


Handling Setbacks

Setbacks are temporary.. winners respond, not react

Do you respond to life or react to life?

Doctor example. Responding or reacting to medication.

Some people can’t wait to tell you bad news.

You can cancel a flight but not cancel a day or lifetime

Curse other driver and he’s in control of your mind

Cannot tailor mate situation but can tailor make attitude to it

I know it’s tough to respond when awful stuff happens.

Understand where you are and recognise we can all grow in adversity

People have every reason to be negative but once you understand where you are then you can change your thinking

Change what goes into your mind

Write a letter to person you’re furious with and burn it afterward each page by page I forgive you for this

Forgiveness important because you then take the responsibility for your own life

Learn to laugh at a lot of things


Strong and wise know they have weaknesses

The crowd now is tv and that’s an income suppressant. Encourages the wrong kind of things

Never make a decision when he’s exhausted

Failure is an event not a person



Can’t change others change you

People go to grave with music in them


Honest intelligent goal directed person organized self starter highly motivated disciplined persistent team player magnificent

Motivation is the key  Bathing isn’t permanent. You need to do it every day.

Motivation gets you going. Habit gets you there.


How much more did you know about your job the day before your vacation than 24 hours? How much more would you get done? Answer is motivation. Maximizes and maintains momentum.

Run the Day by the clock and life by a vision

If give 100% every day what kind results would you get

Perform for company not work for them


Commitments kept, punctual, goals set and achieved, productivity

We deny talents n abilities because we’d be committed to using them

What you say to you more important than what I say to you

Suggests listen to tapes early in the morning

Give something to someone

Wait till this happens or that happens… then I’ll really get going!!!

Sight vs Vision. Importance of having a vision. What isn’t there but could be.

Quality of life before standard of living.

Old or Young… fresh in body or mind or feeling

Choices we make… are we taking care of psychology physical and spiritual

3 types of motivation…

FEAR temporarily works with some, INCENTIVE motivation and GROWTH motivation

Self talk negative vs positive… which will help you to be more effective

Motivation creates energy and energy creates time

Change the ‘got to’s’ to the ‘Get to’s’

Motivation has all sorts of great benefits

Fall in love with the way you do the job

Do more for what your paid to do, you will get paid more

Relationship motivation..;.if getting on well with the people you love, overall your happy camper

The tougher you are on yourself the easier life will be on you

What you put in will be what you will get

Success is measured by what you do compared to what you are capable of doing

Not competing with anyone else

Health and Sleep needed. Workaholic fear and greed

Peak Performer works for love of what they do and for family

All great failures are character failures

When you get the call, will you be ready?

Develop qualities you need.

Motivation someone do something benefit them. Manipulation… someone to do something because benefit you

Leadership… both of you.

How you deal with people… who you know and how you treat them matters

People change when they have a plan of action and believe they can change

More gratitude you express the more you will have to feel gratitude for

Put other people first… not what you get, what you become by reaching these goals

People won’t believe everything you say but will believe everything you do

Do it and you’ll feel like doing it. Don’t wait to feel motivated.

Hard work: Not comfort zone

Will trumps natural talent


Famous people wanna change who they are because we’re not valuing character qualities

Told as children: You can’t. You’re dumb

Larger family lower grades kids

Parents read to kids better grades

Reinforced culture n be proud improve grades

Parents and teachers worked together better grades

How you treat people has a bearing on their image.

1% wealthy celebrities and success but we’re the 99%

Media treatment today is a cause

Signs Low self image

  1. People who can’t Accept compliments
  2. People who always pick up the Cheques
  3. Trolling
  4. Fail to ask for order in sales
  5. Over promise n under deliver
  6. Motormouth
  7. Saying too little
  8. Filthy mouth

Self Image not dependant on life circumstances and has a huge impact on life

Influenced by what we see in the media

Steps to a healthy self-image

Finish the job

Quit things that are bad for you

List of victories

Learn a new skill or hobby

Never mistake… instead an experience n training with intelligence

Get in physical shape

Know how to communicate built on confidence

Study public speaking

  1. talk to each person individually
  2. Only three people ever were killed when speaking

Recognize no one looks like magazine people

Make the right choices

Can’t make a good deal with a bad guy

Be a person of your word

Vote for you

Have a Positive picture of yourself

Qualities and Skills

They are ALL SKILLS so you can learn them

Parenting… Teachers… Business world reinforce qualities

They need to develop qualities themselves

They are values and you can teach them

What are we feeding people mentally?

One thing worse than training people and losing them… not training and keeping them.

Wanting to be a Dream husband to his wife ‘The redhead’

Spiritually sound, Faithful, integrity, respect her, sense of humour, good listener, affectionate, sober, wise

Put on a card… DID I DO IT TODAY?

We need to think ourselves the way we want to become, nor the way we are.

Steps to improve communication:

Take inventory, look good, read, watch speakers, break down, compliment and smile, do something for others, associate with good people, good qualities, past successes, learn failures of others, speak, look yourself in the eye, work on your looks


Be before do do before have 


  • Keep records where are you
  • Make a list on paper.. daily basis
  • Specific with goals
  • Set big goals which you think is achievable
  • Make a goal long range etc.
  • List obstacle
  • daily
  • Disciplined
  • Convinced
  • Imagine reach goal before achieve

Everyone wants to be: happy healthy prosperous and have hope

If you want those things did you write them down

Did you list benefits?

Do you have skills?

Have you identified challenges?

Organizations that can help?

Plan of action?


Happiness is result of what you do

Too many people want something to be happy

Can’t be happy all the time. Happiness is a conscious choice and an attitude

It makes no difference where you go, there you are.

Happiness is not fun and pleasure. Things that lead to happiness are often hard

Happiness is a victory over things that are tough

Real happiness from other people’s success

What stops people setting goals 

  1. FEAR: False evidence appearing real
  2. Poor self image
  3. Never been sold
  4. Don’t know how

How to set goals

You can do what you want and be who you want.

  1. Sheet of Paper… print everything you wanna to be or do or have. Will take you an hour. Programme left brain that releases the right brain.
  2. Leave it 24-48 hours wait and keep list with you
  3. Ask question WHY do I wanna be or do or have it… answer in one question
  4. Main objective is to shorten the list. Can’t do everything.
  5. Need Big goals and need long term goals help you to overcome short term frustrations
  6. Make them specific
  7. Is it a well balanced goals program?
  8. Is this really my goal?  – Is it morally right? – Will reaching this goal help me get closer to my major objective in life? Can I see myself reaching the goal? Is this realistic? (if outside of field of interest or expertise then negative goal)

Goal Process

Share give up goals with everyone… everyone will support you. Grow up goals share them carefully.

Work the goals through the process

  1. Identify the goal and write it down?
  2. Write down thee benefits?
  3. Obstacles that will stop you from achieving it?
  4. What skill or knowledge is needed to achieve?
  5. What groups and organisations do we need support from to achieve a goal?
  6. What is the plan of action to achieve the goal?

Choose goals that you can work on every single day


Discipline yourself to what you need to do when you need to do them so you can do the things you want to do when you’ve done them.

Going to involve change. Without change there’s not going to be progress

Willingness to change. Have a vision. Have the image.

Make a commitment. Look for solution. If not committed then excuse

Repetition important… most important what you say to yourself

Daily Disciplined accountability

Extensions will kill you.

Stay in shape physically

Change your Vocabulary


Build a solid foundation on integrity.

Persistence enthusiasm and desire

Repetition critical

Hard successful when things are too easy

Winners don’t always finish first. Winners do give the best effort

Someone else is gonna drop the ball. How we deal with it.

Motivation plus information is inspiration

David’s struggle story: If we had a easier time, would have struggled more

Character gets you through tough times

Had he been given more would have ended up with less

Spend one hour a day every day on character

Everyone needs to be told I love you

Hug your son

Keep records

Hamburger flipping teaches discipline n responsibility n values

Tough times

Hope in future. Power in present

Get water flowing then steady effort gets things going

Discipline character persistence

Nothing will take the place of persistence

Family values most important to successful people

Clear goals developed



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