Twelve Surprising Questions That Can Change Your Life

  1. What Drains My Energy? 
  • This simple yet powerful question forces you to recognize the activities and habits that deplete your energy and make you feel unfulfilled.
  • Identifying what drains your energy enables you to take control of your life and eliminate or minimize activities that no longer serve you, leading to a greater sense of joy and freedom.
  1. What Mistake Am I Making Over And Over?
  • Identifying the recurring mistake enables you to pinpoint a specific habit to work on.
  • Focusing on one recurring mistake allows you to streamline your efforts and make targeted changes to correct it, ultimately leading to more effective self-improvement.
  1. What Are 2 Skills That Can Change My Life?
  • These questions serve as a valuable self-assessment tool, encouraging you to focus on self-improvement by recognizing energy-draining activities, recurring mistakes, and skill-enhancement opportunities.
  1. What Gives Me Energy?
  • Focus on identifying experiences and activities that give you energy and make you feel fulfilled, aiming to incorporate more of these into your life.
  • Strive to strike a balance by maximizing energy-boosting experiences and minimizing draining activities, ultimately making the most of your time.
  1. What New Problem Will I Have With Success?
  • Embrace the idea that success often brings new problems and challenges, but it’s the quality of these challenges that matters, and they often signify growth and progress.
  1. How Have I Become Better Than Before?
  • Focus on self-improvement by asking yourself how much better you are now compared to your past self rather than constantly comparing yourself to others.
  1. Who’s Good At This, And How’d They Get There?
  • Instead of comparing yourself to highly successful individuals, focus on learning from their past experiences and actions when they were at a similar level as you.
  • Seek out biographies, interviews, case studies, or studies that provide insights into what successful people did to progress when they were at a stage comparable to your current level.
  1. How Can I Improve For Next Time?
  • After completing any task or achievement, develop a habit of asking yourself, “How can I improve this for the next time?” to continuously enhance your performance and progress.
  • This question encourages ongoing self-improvement by prompting your brain to seek information and opportunities for optimizing your future endeavors.
  1. How Do I Know When To Do This?
  • When facing challenges or negative emotions, use the NLP-inspired question, “How do you know when to do this?” to identify the triggers and thought patterns that lead to unproductive behaviors or feelings.
  1. What Would I Do If It Was Possible?
  • When facing self-doubt or challenges, shift your mindset by asking, “What would you do if it was possible?” This question encourages you to explore possibilities and sparks an innovative mindset.
  • You’ll expand your perspective, boost your confidence, and approach challenges with a more positive and solution-oriented attitude.
  1. Why Not Me?
  • Challenge your self-doubt and limiting beliefs by asking, “Why not me?” This question encourages self-empowerment and highlights that if others can succeed, there’s no reason you can’t, as well.
  • You’ll shift your perspective from doubt to possibility, reinforcing the idea that you have the potential and the right to pursue your goals and dreams.
  1. Why Can’t It Be Done?
  • Challenge the notion that something can’t be done by asking, “Why can’t it be done?” This question encourages a shift from doubt to a mindset of potential and achievement.

Experts Mentioned:

Mark Manson: A three-time #1 New York Times bestselling author and online blogger

Richard Bandler: The co-founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming


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