How to make 2017 simply brilliant

Every New Year’s Day, millions of people across the globe engage in a tradition known as ‘New Year’s Resolutions’. With a wink and a smile they pick something they are going to stop doing, start doing or change and they vow to make it happen. Usually it is a matter of days or weeks before they falter. Why? Very simply they are thinking about making a change in a state where they are highly motivated. When you are highly motivated it is almost impossible not to successfully implement new behaviours. However, after a period of time, the problems come when our motivation wanes.

Since it is a new year, I figured it might be nice to give you a bunch of practical and useful suggestions that can help you really make 2017 a terrific year. Now I have covered some of these points in past videos such as my New Year’s psychological checklist video and a fun video like ‘How to have a miserable New Year‘, but here I wanted to write it down.

First, a word on 2016 – an insane year which involved plenty of celebrities and stars dying while politically the landscape transformed hugely. This needs to be addressed when thinking of the year ahead as we are now facing a different kind of world than we were this time last year.

So here are my suggestions to help you make 2017 simply brilliant:

  1. Instead of New Year’s Resolutions – Decide who you are going to be in 2017. Changing behaviours is good but you can always change back. Becoming the kind of person you want to be is much more likely to last longer. There is a difference between stopping smoking and becoming a non-smoker, between going on a diet and becoming a healthy and slim person. Focus on who you are planning to be and what kind of behaviours that kind of person would engage in.
  2. Write down a list of your goals for 2017 and understand what you will need to do in order to achieve them. Be clear on why you want each goal and what it will do for you. Ask yourself what kind of person would achieve these goals and what specific tasks and consistent behaviours are required.
  3. Schedule in these tasks and consistent behaviours. Research shows that when we commit to doing things at a specific date and time we are far more likely to follow through and do them. Incorporate all the new behaviours into your schedule.
  4. Plan for the setbacks. Acknowledge that on any road to success, you will face a number of challenges that will try and stop you from making progress. When you accept this and plan for it, you will find yourself better able to tackle them and they will be far less likely to derail you.
  5. Be really clear over what is and is not in your control. 2017 will be a year full of political uncertainty so make sure that you are consciously aware of what you can and cannot do. The more you focus on what you can control or at the very least influence, the more relaxed you will become.
  6. Schedule in rewards for yourself after the biggest challenges you face and the milestones of success along your journey. Give yourself things to look forward to and find ways to enjoy the new lifestyle as the new you.
  7. Ask yourself who you can make a difference to this year. By focusing on what impact you are making, you will find yourself even more ready to make 2017 an incredible 12 months.

I believe these 7 suggestions, although simple, are so important if you want to make this year the best year yet. Have a super 2017!!!!

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