Interview with Adam Boyd on Sales Through Asking

Assisting Professional Service Firms:

  • Assisting professional service firms (attorneys, consultants, etc.) struggling with differentiation from competitors.
  • Equipping firms to effectively engage potential clients.
  • Focusing on teaching the art of selling, a distinct skill from their expertise.

The Significance of Curiosity:

  • Shifting professionals from focusing solely on expertise to showing genuine curiosity about clients.
  • Clients value understanding and being heard.
  • Cultivating a powerful connection through genuine interest.

Flipping the Conversation:

  • Encouraging professionals to inquire and display curiosity rather than self-promotion.
  • Guiding clients to realize why they should work with the professional through relevant questions.
  • Prioritizing trust, likeability, and connection in initial conversations.

Building Trust and Connection:

  • Emphasizing the necessity of trust and connection in sales.
  • Professionals striving to comprehend clients through pertinent questions.
  • Facilitating clients’ discovery process to stand out and attract the right clients.

Enhancing Skillsets for Firms:

  • Challenging the notion of needing unique selling skills beyond expertise.
  • Addressing differentiation and prioritizing focus on marketing, law, and consulting sectors.
  • Transforming discovery calls into mutual learning interactions.

Transitioning from Authority to Curiosity:

  • Shifting from self-promotion to a curiosity-driven approach.
  • Avoid pushing achievements and solutions, embracing curiosity and understanding.
  • Acknowledging clients’ individuality and seeking personalized solutions.

Enabling Client Discovery of Value:

  • Moving from forceful persuasion to letting clients discover value.
  • Avoiding barriers created by pushy approaches.
  • Utilizing storytelling to subtly demonstrate expertise.

Empathy vs. Willingness to Help:

  • Distinguishing between wanting to help and conveying empathy.
  • Empathy involves making clients feel understood.
  • Genuine interest and active listening are effective techniques.
  • Sharing relatable third-party stories with specific challenges.

Interesting Facts about Adam:

– What’s your favorite movie?


– Favorite quote from Braveheart?

They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom.

– Favorite author?

William Faulkner.

– Favorite book?

Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl.  

– Favorite artist? 

Michelangelo, like the David.

– Favorite musician?

Currently, it is Chris Stapleton.   

– Favorite philosopher?

Somewhere between Seneca, Aristotle, and Aquinas.  

– Favorite TV series?

Friday Night Lights, it still gets me emotional.   

– If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Flight, despite the cold at high altitudes.  

– Ideal time-traveling destination (past, present, or future)?

To the past, possibly to uncover Shakespeare’s identity.    

– If not in the US, where would you live?

A little village in Italy with a farm.    

– Alternative career choice?

Writing novels, living on a farm, and raising kids.    

– One piece of advice for the world on a billboard?

“Embrace your own life and gifts, live without comparison, as comparison steals joy.”



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