The Changing Minds Seminar and the Rebranding

In this episode, I will give you an update about some exciting new developments… 

I am rebranding the podcast, and it will have a brand-new look and feel.  The format and frequency of the podcasts will also change to once a week. Season 4 will launch in early May with all the new updates, many fresh and exciting elements, and all of the best things you’ve loved about the original three seasons.

What will be covered at the 3 Day live Changing Minds Seminar EVENT happening in Dublin, Ireland, in April 2023 

Day 1

Brain Module: Intro to psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness, NLP, CBT, stoicism, CBT, mindfulness, story signs, and how they can be applied to your day-to-day life. 

The Belief Module: Mindsets and beliefs, Why do beliefs hold us back? The difference between what I call core beliefs and emotional beliefs, The power of Placebos and how they work, and Fast versus slow belief change

The Emotion Module: How emotions work, Why we feel the way we feel, How to manage your mood more effectively, How to change your feelings, How to be more motivated, more confident, happier, and more relaxed. Intentional priming, Emotional granularity, Cognitive reappraisal

Bonus Module: A workshop for Thought Leaders, those who are coaches, trainers, speakers, or leadership experts that want to improve their skills and overcome challenges. 

Day 2

The Learning and Focus Module: Optimizing your focus, How to learn faster and learn more effectively, How to create mental boundaries and handle distractions, Set yourself up for consistent success

The Habits Module: How to change habits and behavior, The science of habit change, Behavioral science, Why habits work and how they work. How they change and how they fade, and What to do to ensure that they’re consistent.

The Influence Module: Keys to effective influence and becoming more persuasive and how to cultivate charisma.

Day 3 

The Goal Module – Live Better: Lead Your Life Design Framework, Four types of goals you need, Challenges of setting these goals and the things that get in your way, How to organize, design and set your future course, Mental contrasting, Delay discounting, Gates Law and systems over outcomes.

Q&A Session

Changing Minds Seminar EVENT in Dublin, Ireland, in April 2023  (check out

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