Joe Dispenza is one of the most popular and well known experts on the power of the mind. In this weeks, the work of series, Owen explores his work.

Core Concepts:

We agree Thoughts affect your life… but we don’t create a future… because we don’t really believe it

Same routine way…. same people… same environment… brain same

Environment turns on various circuits in your brain… causing you to think what you already know

Quantum laws still apply


Change your brain to look like your vision

Your personality creates your personal reality

Think, feel, act as you want

Most people try to create different reality by same personality.

Nerve cells that fire together wire together.

Mind is the brain in action. As you remind yourself who you think you are, brain works same and becomes personality.

Commonly wired neurologically fired.

Make brain work differently.

Every time you learn something knew… remembering is maintaining those connections.

Your thoughts turn on circuits that cause you to create chemicals of a certain state… emotions from thoughts

A state of being… thoughts n emotions

thoughts language of brain emotions are language of body

Habit: Whatever body knows as well as mind

Set of memorised behaviours that work like a program.

Person wants to think positively but feels negative. Need to recondition body to mind.

People insist on Neuro-chemical order..

Quantum Field Responds to our state of being

hardest part is making time to do it

3 brains – thinking, doing, being

Neocortex… thinking seat of conscious awareness… loves to gather information

Forging connections. Synaptic connections… remembering makes stronger. Neural Networks.,.. community of connections… electrochemical components

Limbic brain… emotional brain regulate chemical

Reptilian brain… base brain

100 billion nuerons…

Mind is the brain in action… make brain fire in different sequences we are changing our minds.

All senses gathering info from environment.

Neurons organise into patterns of networks… that grouping is called an emotion.

Routine lulls brain to sleep. Most americans remember 911 When you felt altered internally you perked up… memory….

Learn positive change… then emotions triggered by environment… doesn’t even have to be environment but is the image of them.

Body doesn’t know the difference between actual vs imaginary trigger.

Meta cognition… modify behaviors to do better job

Frontal lobe acts like volume control… silence circuits of old self… nerve cells no longer wire together.

What piece of knowledge could I apply. Brain naturally wires in new sequences.


As you try… other thoughts compete… but if you persist with that becoming loudest voice in your head

Neural growth factor… works on whatever thought stronger…. COMPASSION

You become to tune away memory of old self


Intention: Getting clear with what you want

Imagine conditions of what you want… brain now thinking about future

90% thoughts same thoughts as before… same thoughts lead to same choices… same behaviours… same experiences… same emotions… same thoughts


Explicit memory system… stuff you learn… autobiographical declarative self

Memorize that unconsciously – Habit… non declarative… condition it to become master…

Memorize conditions and skills. 95% sits in non declarative memory…

If you sitting with eyes closed… environment no longer making you think. Meditation operating system of unconscious

Meditation… to become familiar with

Observe program… objectify conscious mind.

Create expression of myself that I could be

Mind is brain in action. More you do it…. more you familiar with it. More your body emrabces new you…

Thought you think becomes experience… unconscious believes in future now

Changing physiology

Being is when thoughts and feelings in alignment

Recondition body to mind.

Unmemorize old emotion in the body

When break familiarity… crave emotion addicted to. Need to be okay with uncomfortable feeling

Emotion is energy

Snapping energy… body goes into chaos… only bad feeling feels right… is certainty

Takes a bit of letting go and being uncertain to let energy reconform to new mind

Remind self every day who you want to be and who don’t want to be… Attention

Environment is an extension of your mind in quantum world

Hormones of stress… people become addicted to stress…

Use problems of life to retrigger emotional addiction… addicted to our own thoughts…

Time to change… 20/30 years… thinking and feeling insecure… I am insecure… moments no longer thinking that your body will look back and modify receptor sites.

hardest part of change not making same choices as made before..

Thoughts and feelings end product of experiences. When we react to something in our life, chemical reaction…

Mood is reaction is for a bunch of days. Thing happens 5 days ago and living by same reaction.

Temprament.. living by same mood

Mood over years personality trait.

Feelings products of past experiences… if feelings become your thoughts then nothing new and gonna stay in the same way of thinking

Living by familiar emotions. Body as unconscious mind… believes in same past experience. Body is Living in the past.

We obsess same because we live on stress. Hormones make us feel separate from possibility. Chase by a lion… time for emergency..

Most people live in worst case scenario and prepare for it. Anxiety. Neurosis. Insomnia. Separate from possibility

What is a greater expression of myself. Rehearse who be if they got better. thinking about who going to be…

Who do want to be…. remind who didn’t want to be. Mind is the brain at work. Fire and wire new circuits.

Feel like that person. We can make thoughts more real than anything else.

Brain waves

Beta waves high range beta (stress) mid range (focus) low range (relaxed awareness)

Alpha waves

Theta Dreaming Sleep

Delta Deep Deep Sleep

Gamma… super fast… ecstasy… enlightenment



Recognising: who am I, unwanted emotion, feeling in body, state of mind associated with emotion

Admitting and Declaring: of real self and real feelings


Surrendering: to greater power to change

Observe and Reminding thoughts and actions

Redirecting (imagine situations behave old then Change to new) Louder voice

Creating and Rehearsing (new you… how want you to think, act, feel)

Higher intelligence power to heal (gave us life)

Thoughts are real. Thoughts directly affect the body

We can reinvent ourselves

We are capable of paying attention so we lose track time and space

Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon(Hay House, 2017), which draws on research conducted at his advanced workshops since 2012 to explore how common people are doing the uncommon to transform themselves and their lives;

How people healing and transforming themselves. Scientific exploration of mystical and spiritual practices.

Intentionally change our brain chemistry and experience transcendental experiences…

Better body, unlimited mind, spiritual experiences

Key concepts described:

Generous present moment

coherent vs incoherent brain waves

Pineal Gland stimulated… waves responsible for

Connected to Pituatory gland.. release oxytocin and vasopressin

Energy centres:


relationship safety

Will power control aggression

Selfish ro selfless

Voice of truth expressing love

Higher dimensions… third eye (he calls it first eye)

Master gland… harmony other glands

Ka – outside of body… connect with universe

Quantum field – fifth dimension

Time is eternal and we move through space (rather than space time reality



Proper breathing

Mind Movies

Breaking the Habit of being yourself 2013

You are not doomed by your genes and hardwired to be a certain way for the rest of your life. A new science is emerging that empowers all human beings to create the reality they choose. combines the fields of quantum physics, neuroscience, brain chemistry, biology, and genetics to show you what is truly possible.

In this book, Joe argues that the quantum universe doesn’t respond to what we want but who we are. Therefore, the key is to learn to let go of the memorized way of doing things and think bigger and more powerfully so we can break the habit of who we are and become the person that already feels what we crave and desire.

We are always both who others see us as and we are also who we see ourselves as. That identity gap is best bridged by tools such as meditation or self hypnosis. We can reprogram ourselves when we get access to this deeper part of our mind.

Evolve your Brain 2008

This book goes in depth into explaining a lot of the neuroscience that occurs in making changes in your attitude and life that backs up many of the claims Joe makes in the book breaking the habit. This book combines well with Joe Dispenza’s other book Breaking the habit of being yourself in that it is much more theory focused while the other book is much more practically orientated.

You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter 2014

Joe explores:

Power of Placebo to heal and kill

History of Placebos and power of the mind in healing

What happens in brain with placebos

Epigenetics and power of placebo

Thoughts changes brain and body

Mental Rehearsal make inner world more real

Suggestibility and power of hypnosis

Quantum Universe… present moment… energy

Stories of people who have healed themselves in workshops

Meditation techniques

Dr. Joe Dispenza also shares numerous documented cases of those who reversed a variety of diseases by believing in a placebo.

He defines three key concepts: Conditioning Expectation Meaning

Conditioning: Past experience connected with feeling

Expectation:  Something different expected

Meaning: Give meaning to new stimulus

Attitudes are thoughts n feelings over time

Beliefs are attitudes over time

Perceptions are beliefs over time

Experience changes people

Choice becomes experience (with elevated energy)

Is it possible to use placebo to create changes in a persons life?


Recommended links


You are the Placebo by Joe Dispenza

Breaking the Habit of being Yourself by Joe Dispenza

Evolve the Brain by Joe Dispenza



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