The world has been transforming over the last number of years. The entire political landscape seems vastly different in just the last 12 months. Marginalised groups and groups that are the victims of racism, sexism and all other forms of discrimination are fighting back in the form of protests. Since social media has evened the playing field of worldwide communication, it is now possible to start a movement and have it gain ground more than ever before. This form of empowerment is letting the world leaders and business leaders know that they no longer have as much control and power as they once had.

Furthermore bullying, which now takes place more than ever as a result of the internet and by those known as trolls, requires us to become better at handling how others treat us. While standing up for ourselves externally, protesting and working hard to change the world in whatever way we feel we need to are terrific things to do, I would like to talk about internal empowerment which is sorely missing.

Internal empowerment means making sure that you are standing up for yourself to yourself. In many ways, we are our own worst bullies. Whether we use the metaphor of inner propaganda as I call it or the negative inner voice, we can be our own worst enemies sometimes. Furthermore, we spend a massive amount of time and energy fighting against external forces which might affect our reality and not nearly enough time and energy fighting internal forces that will definitely affect our reality. I am talking about the importance of inner empowerment.

I believe there are three types of empowerment we all must work on regardless of everything we do externally:

  1. The empowerment of self-belief.
  2. The empowerment of perspective.
  3. The empowerment of humour.

First, the empowerment of self-belief. We need to develop our own self-belief so that we start to believe in ourselves more. We need to remind ourselves of all that we have achieved and all we are capable of. We need to speak sentences to ourselves with a sense of certainty in our inner voice. We must ensure that when we claim our right to be happy and to be successful that we do not allow our inner bully to shout us down.

Second, the empowerment of perspective. Perspective empowers us by offering us different ways of looking at the same situation. All too often we take a bad event and interpret it in the worst possible way extracting meaning that makes us feel horrible. Instead, we need to get into the habit of spotting such meanings and finding multiple interpretations of the same events… focusing on the most useful meanings we can find. We need to give ourselves this gift.

Finally, the empowerment of humour. Being able to laugh at a situation is a critical skill that we all could do with. We need to find ways of laughing at any and all of our problems. We need to do this because it helps us look at the situation or problem more effectively. When you can laugh, you can be free to diminish how much the event impacts you. When you laugh you dismiss the negativity and you take away its power. We use satire as a powerful and effective skill of combatting the powers that be which negatively impact us. We must use the same strategies to combat our internal powers and ensure that we handle and deal with problems with this skill in hand. Often, humour is the smartest and best solution to a problem. We just need to empower ourselves by reminding ourselves of that fact.

The empowerment that happens in societies when people claim their rights, freedoms and power is wonderful in most cases. I believe that it is time that we protest internally to the negative voices that might try to bring us down inside our head. We deserve to be happy. We deserve to be free. Empower yourself internally to achieve this.

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