Why now is the best time to be a thought leader

Never before have we had as much access to as much information at our fingertips. You can pretty much figure out the answer to almost anything on your phone. Given that, one could easily be forgiven to expect that ‘thought leaders’ are no longer necessary. Why should we listen to A person or A small selection of people when we can listen to many people and find out whatever answers we want. The truth however, is actually the opposite. It has never been as important for us to have thought leaders as it is today.

Why? Well, for starters, just because we have access to lots of information doesn’t mean we know which information is worth paying attention to. We need someone that we can trust to point us in the right direction of what deserves our focus. Second, thought leaders provide us with a clear organization and structure of what we need to do in a specific area. They take the information that may well be available to us all… and they help us understand how it all works… they make sense of it in the context with which we are looking for help.

Finally, thought leaders provide us with a deeper understanding and insight about the topic we are interested in. They have more experience than we do so we can rely on them to have actual experience in the area as opposed to just the information we have. We need thought leaders.

That is why becoming a thought leader is such a great opportunity today. When you spend your time and focus mastering a certain subject, you can now leverage it to make a living. Of course, there is more competition today than there ever has been before. That’s what makes it harder. But if you are one of the few people who masters branding yourself and builds a solid business as a thought leader, the sky is the limit.

For years, I was asked to mentor coaches, therapists, speakers and trainers in building their business. I was asked to help them become thought leaders who make a mark and really impact many more people. That’s why in 2020 I began providing a membership where I could share what I know. 

In my ‘Thought Leaders Mentorship’ I meet with an exclusive group of thought leaders a couple of times a month to help them build and grow their expert businesses and reach more people to make more of an impact.

Regardless, being a thought leader will never go out of fashion as long as we need help to survive and thrive in the world. As we face a world of relentless change and continuous uncertainty, we need to help each other out and collaborate by sharing our wisdom with our fellow humans. That, after all, is the ultimate purpose of thought leadership.



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