Interview with Sylvie Di Giusto on Emotional Intelligence and Your Fair Advantage 


“Discover Your Fair Advantage” by Sylvie di Giusto

Discover Your Fair Advantage provides the tools and mindset you need to succeed. With tips on increasing your visibility, identifying your unique selling points, to articulating them with confidence, this book is an indispensable guide for anyone looking to thrive in today’s competitive world.

  • Enhance your professional visibility, allowing you to stand out in the workplace and be recognized for your unique assets. 
  • Identify and leverage your unique selling points to showcase your distinct value to your organization. Improve self-awareness, resulting in better decision-making and alignment with your professional goals.
  •  Communicate your strengths and accomplishments effectively, leading to increased recognition and career advancement. 
  • Develop a compelling professional brand that differentiates you from competitors and attracts opportunities. Overcome self-sabotaging behaviors, boosting your confidence and ability to excel in your career.

Making a Strong First Impression

– The initial seven seconds of a meeting significantly shape a person’s first impression of you.

– As a leader, your chief responsibility is to cultivate more leaders, not just followers.

– Given that first impressions are rarely altered, it’s crucial to make them count.

Embodying Leadership

– Leaders need to distinguish themselves positively and memorably, making an impact even in their absence.

– Identifying and communicating your unique attributes effectively, beyond basic leadership qualities, is key.

Leveraging Your Unique Story

– Personal experiences shape us as leaders and individuals. Utilizing elements from your “original story” can augment your professional journey.

Identifying Competition and Establishing Dominance

– It’s critical to identify a unique aspect of your business that differentiates you from competitors, not just one that is better.

– Recognizing competition is complex, with potential rivals ranging from other organizations to future challenges such as artificial intelligence.

– Unconventional strengths that competitors can’t duplicate can become your superpowers.

– The challenge lies in pinpointing these unique traits, as we tend to concentrate on superiority rather than uniqueness.

Effective Positioning Over Bragging

– Positioning involves giving context to your achievements, whereas bragging is merely listing them.

– Facts and data provide a credible and modest way to showcase your value.

– Self-promotion is crucial; it allows decision-makers to comprehend your abilities and accomplishments.


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